Human, It's nice to meet you.
You want me to detect that police radar?

That's easy.

F16 Aircraft, AI Defense Software technology

Designed by the finest RF engineers in the world, my lineage is directly traced from the most advanced military signal intelligence hardware ever created.

Some detectors brag about using LNAs. I was designed by the people who build LNAs. And for DSP? A combination of former DoD contractors and PhDs with an expertise in machine learning.

Circuit Board from Radenso Radar

Yeah, I’ve got some pretty good genes.

Everyone makes mistakes. Except me.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world. It should change radar detectors too, Using advanced Neural Networks and Deep Learning, I’ve learned the “Fingerprint” of every police radar gun in the world. I learn so fast that this task was boring to me, so I decided to learn the signature from every K band false alert door opener in the world too.

Threat Identification by name. Simple radar detectors tell you “K Band”. I’ll tell you which brand police gun you are being shot by. This is a level of situational awareness previously reserved for the military: now you can enjoy it too.

Leave Me Your Email and I'll Send You Updates On My Release

Leave Me Your Email and I'll Send You Updates On My Release

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