Radenso XP RLC & Speed Camera Update

Database last updated: 11-17-2017

Step 1

Download the most recent database file here.

Step 2

Run RADENSOXP_DBUpdateManagerv1.00.exe file

Step 3

Press #1 button to check DB version of the current unit which is connected with the PC. If unit is not connected with the PC or if there are any errors, #2 displays “—-/–/–” .

Step 4

Press #3 button (Bin File Load) to select DB file to be updated.

If a wrong file is selected, you can see the following error message.

Field #6 displays DB version to be updated if a correct file is selected.

Step 5

Press “Start” button to start DB Update

If the unit is disconnected during F/W update process, you can see the following message.

If F/W download is complete, you can see the following message.

Field #2 shows updated DB version if DB update is completed successfully.