noPhoto License Plate Camera Blocker

The world's first photo camera jammer

noPhoto detects the flash from red light & speed cameras in all weather conditions, and its software filtering ensures it does not detect false alerts.

If you would like to purchase a noPhoto please contact Voxx Electronics.

    If you would like to purchase a noPhoto please contact Voxx Electronics.


    • Detection of red light and speed camera flashes in all weather conditions
    • Powerful xenon bulb capable of overexposing plate information in all weather conditions
    • Ability to overexpose plate information twice before recharge
    • Software filtering of non red light and speed camera light sources
    • Quick disconnect cord for easy removal
    • Can be mounted above or below the license plate
    • Patented 12v device- no spray or cover required
    • Does not physically cover license plate information
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • 1 year photo camera ticket free guarantee
    • US telephone and email support


    • 12v direct wire power with quick disconnect
    • Xenon bulb capable of firing twice before 15 second recharge
    • Ultra-fast microprocessor
    • Four infrared/visual light optical sensors

    • noPhoto: 296mm x 30mm x 52mm

    What's in the box?

    1x - noPhoto
    1x - 6ft extension wire with quick disconnect
    1x - M5, M6, and 1/4 20mm bolts
    1x - License plate spacer kit
    1x - Product registration card and manual

    noPhoto - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does the noPhoto work in the daytime?
    A: Yes, the noPhoto works in all light and weather conditions.

    Q: Is the noPhoto legal?
    A: The noPhoto mounts above or below the license plate, does not cover any plate information, and is simply shining light on the license plate. Due to this, the noPhoto is legal in most states. It is recommended that the user check all state plate laws before usage of the noPhoto.  

    Q: Will the noPhoto fit all plate sizes
    A: The noPhoto is designed to fit all North American license plates. While the noPhoto will fit European plates, it may not line up with international vehicles’ screw holes. Many of our international customers have had success using double sided tape. Motorcycle license plates are often too small to be compatible with the noPhoto

    Q: Does the nophoto defeat video feed?
    A: The noPhoto does not defeat video feed. While some speed and red light cameras do take video, the video is only used for accident and incident reconstruction instead of issuing tickets. Due to a variety of factors, there are currently no video systems authorized for speed ticket issuance in the United States; every system uses flash-based still image photography. There are certain standards and processes that the evidence must go through to be considered valid, and due to various factors (cost, lighting technology limitations, etc) only the still images meet these requirements.

    Q: Does the noPhoto defeat live police officers or LIDAR guns operated by humans?  
    A: No, the noPhoto is only designed to defeat automated speed enforcement technology, not speed enforcement that is carried out by live police officers. The noPhoto is not intended to interfere with speed enforcement that is actually being operated by humans - this includes radar guns, LIDAR guns, and handheld photo LIDAR guns.

    noPhoto - Support

    Instruction Manual - Link
    Product Registration - Link