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Radenso Ultimate Edition (Canada Exclusive)

The Ultimate Radar Detector and Laser Defense in One Display

The Best Product. Period. Described by Vortex Radar as, “The best futureproof remote radar detector…best false alert filtering,” the Radenso RC M combines the best range on the market with unmatched false alert filtering and the only one that can filter out Honda and Acura vehicles. It’s the only remote-mount detector with MRCD support. Not to mention, the seamless integration with AntiLaser Priority laser jammers (included) makes the Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition the “Most popular and best-performing laser jammer on the market.” (Vortex Radar).

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*Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition is available in Canada exclusively.

Every Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition includes:

• Radenso RC M Radar Detector
• Radenso RC M Rear Antenna
• 4 AL Priority RX Sensors
• 1 AL Priority TX Sensors
• 2 AL Priority Rear Extension Cables

• Radenso 5 Year Radenso Warranty
• Radenso 5 Year Radar & Laser Ticket Free Guarantee
• Radenso Custom Laser Etched Card with all serial numbers
• 2 rolls JK Tape

Radenso RC M Radar Detector
Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition

Custom Laser-Etched Serial Number Card with YOUR serial numbers

A custom inhouse laser-etched serial number card with your serial numbers plus 2 rolls JK Tape that help your install look OEM even where you don't look.

Custom Installation

360° Protection

Best-In-Class Laser Jammers

GPS Lockouts

Superior Alert Range

The Best Warranty and Guarantee

Five year warranty with a five year ticket-free guarantee.

You didn’t mis-read that. We believe in the joy of driving, after all that’s why you bought your sweet ride, right? The Ultimate Edition can only be purchased and installed at a Platinum Dealer. If you decide to change vehicles during the 5 years after installation, so long as a Platinum Dealer uninstalls your Ultimate Edition and reinstalls it in your new vehicle, your warranty and guarantee carry on with you to finish out your 5 year window. How perfect is that? We get it. Remember? We’re enthusiasts too.

The Best Support

You’re taken care of from every angle possible. From the Platinum Dealer you choose, to those of us here at home base at Radenso, we will always pick up the phone when you call, and we will always take care of you. Platinum Dealers are the best of the best. These are artists that are truly world class when it comes to the craftsmanship of an installation. You want the best product, best installation and best support? You’ve found it here.

A Concierge Experience

Every customer is unique. People can buy a radar detector anywhere, but you can only get an Ultimate Edition with incredible service from a Platinum Dealer.

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