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Radenso USB-C Direct Wire Kit with Mute Button

Compatible with Radenso Theia & Radenso DS1

Want to have a complete stealth install while having a mute button closer to you? This kit is the answer for you! This will allow you to hide all power cables through interior panels giving you the ability to come up with creative ideas to place your mute button. The 90 degree angle on the USB-C cord allows you to have the cord going directly up or down depending on your preference.

Wire length
USB C to mute Button - 11 feet
Power & ground to mute button - 11 feet

Mute button dimensions:

Width: 1.35 in
Height: 0.80 in
Length: 1.73 in

Radenso USB-C Direct Wire Kit with Mute Button for Radenso Theia and Radenso DS1