Radenso Ticket Free Guarantee

All Radenso radar detectors include 2 radar speeding tickets per year guaranteed. We offer a 1-year limited ticket reimbursement guarantee included for all of our products purchased from Radenso.com and Radenso Authorized Dealers. Please review the terms and conditions in the below documents:

Radenso 2 Year Extended Warranty & Ticket Free Guarantee

Warranty terms and coverages for our 2 Year Extended Warranty are the same as our included, with a few exceptions, listed below. Please refer to our Standard Warranty for details, coverage information, limitations, and exclusions.
The Radenso 2 Year Warranty must be purchased within your 1 year included warranty. The Radenso 2 Year Extended warranty begins once your original warranty has expired. The extended warranty ends three years from the date on your invoice and/or proof of purchase. The extended warranty can be purchased for any Radenso windshield radar detector as long it is purchased new from a authorized Radenso dealer.

The Radenso 2 Year Extended Warranty is an online purchase only. No physical product or documentation will be mailed to you. You will receive a e-mail receipt showing your purchase of the extended warranty. Your order number of your purchased extended warranty and original proof of purchase of your Radenso product is required to file an extended warranty claim. The extended warranty is non-transferable to other radar detectors and becomes invalid upon owner transfer/sale of radar detector to the new owner. Accessories sold separately are not covered under the 2-Year Extended Warranty. Your windshield radar detector must be in proper operating condition on the date of purchase of the Radenso 2 Year Extended Warranty plan. The Radenso 2 Year Extended Warranty is only available for windshield radar