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Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit

Only Available for Purchase Through Radenso Authorized Dealers

Antilaser Priority Laser Defense

For the person that refuses to compromise, the Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority integration kit is the final piece of the puzzle.  Everyone knows you can detect radar signals from miles away with a good radar detector, but laser is a much more deadly threat. With the ability to target individual cars from up to a mile away with pinpoint accuracy, the instant-reading ability of police LIDAR guns renders most traditional radar detectors helpless.

It’s time to even the playing field with the Radenso RC M Antilaser Priority kit.  If you know countermeasures, you are already familiar with the legendary performance of the AL Priority standalone laser jammer.  For the first time ever, you can now combine the AL Priority laser system with a top-flight integrated radar detection system for a complete, user-friendly solution.  

It gets even better - combining the AL Priority with the Radenso RC M unlocks new features of the AL Priority that are impossible when used standalone, like the ability to adjust certain settings of the AL Priority directly from the display of the RC M.  

The AL Priority isn’t just the world’s leading laser defense; it also is a fully functional parking sensor system.  Great for adding on parking sensors to cars that did not come with them, it is a true dual-purpose system that can be configured in software to comply with local laws and regulations.

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Vortex Radar voted: Best Laser Jammer in 2022

*Please note: This kit requires the Radenso RC M and cannot be purchased by itself.
All intellectual property incorporated in AL PRIORITY product is reserved to its legal proprietor. Patents: US 8,309,926; EP2277060; AUS 2008355569; US 8,786,490; CA2939856A1, US 9,500,744 and others. Industrial designs: DM 079630-0001. Trademarks: US3222340, US4123648, US4280659, AUS1423337, EM-1073712, EM 1140797, CN 1140797, AUS153306, and others.


• Provides laser defense for all LIDAR guns including DragonEye
• Complete integration with the Radenso RC M radar system - receive visual and audio alerts and change settings through the RC M display
• Automatic jamming time cutoff capability from RC M display
• Notification of laser alert on Radenso RC M display
• Ability to disable laser jamming on Radenso RC M display
• Waterproof laser sensors
• Sensors also can be used as parking sensors
• Updatable firmware
• 2 year manufacturer warranty
• 1 year laser ticket free guarantee

Radenso RC M AL Priority laser jammer display
Radenso RC M AL Priority CPU


• AL Priority CPU has a dual processor running at over 100 MHz
• Up to five laser sensor connections to the AL Priority CPU
• USB upgradeable flash memory
• AL Priority regular sensor cable length: 3 feet
• AL Priority sensor cable: 13 feet

What's in the box?

3x - Regular AL Priority Sensors
3x - AL Priority Sensor cables
3x - Sensor mounting brackets and hardware
1x - AL Priority CPU
1x - AL Priority Power Harness
1x - USB extension cable
1x - Radenso RC M Bridge Cable
1x - Level keychain

Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy the RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit and use it as a standalone?
A: No, this is not a standalone unit. If you want a standalone AL Priority unit, please purchase from AL Priority USA. Our unit is specifically for the Radenso RC M and does not have the AL Priority control set included.

Q: Why can't you ship the RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit from your website with the RC M as a complete kit?
A: The RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit is only sold through Radenso brick and mortar authorized dealers which can be found on our dealer locator page.

Q: When the RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit is actively jamming, what is the "kill" button?
A: Tap the power button once during an active laser alert and the AL Priority will stop jamming.

Q: Are advanced AL Priority features, such as software profiles, compatible with the Radenso RC M?
A: Yes

Q: If I already have a standalone AL Priority system, is it compatible with the RC M system?
A: It depends. If you have have the latest AL Priority cpu hardware revision (HW2), then you need to purchase the Radenso RC M Bridge Cable. You will need to do a factory reset BEFORE removing the current AL Priority control set, otherwise it will not work. If you have version HW1, you will need to purchase the newer RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit.

Q: Does the AL Priority TX sensor work with the RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit?
A: Yes, but you will need to use the AL Priority GPS antenna plugged directly into the AL Priority control box.

Q: Does the ticket free guarantee cover the RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit?
A: The Radenso Radar Ticket Free Guarantee covers the RC M AL Priority Defense Kit purchased from an authorized dealer. Laser tickets for pre-existing AL Priority installations that are not specifically the RC M AL Priority Defense Kit are not covered.