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Intelligent ticket prevention for wherever the road takes you


The Most Advanced Radar Detectors in the World.

Best-in-class range, incredible false alert filtering, and a ticket payment guarantee. Too good to be true? Yes - for everyone except us, that is.

Radenso Pro M
  • AutoCity mode intelligently varies sensitivity

  • Over 260 unique voice alerts

  • GPS lockout technology remembers the location of false alerts

  • Fully directional world class Red Light & Speed camera database

The detector that doesn't cry wolf.

Trust is everything. What good is a radar detector if you disregard its warnings due to constant false alerts? Designed from the ground up with a focus on silence, Radenso radar detectors feature cutting-edge hardware that analyzes the "DNA" of radar signatures to ensure it's a real alert.

  • Superior Blind Spot Monitor and Radar Cruise Control Filtering

    Cars increasingly rely on radar-based safety systems such as blind spot monitoring and radar cruise control, polluting the airwaves more and more each day.  Radenso detectors analyze the DNA of the radar signature to filter out these unwanted alerts.

  • GPS Lockout Technology

    GPS technology allows Radenso detectors to remember the location of known false alerts.  You'll never have to listen to a false alert more than once.

  • Proprietary AutoCity Mode

    Our proprietary AutoCity mode intelligently varies sensitivity according to your speed, and automatically mutes the detector below a user-defined speed. 

Protection from Every Threat

Lightning fast response on every radar and laser band.
360 degree laser detection
MultaRadar MRCD detection (Pro M)
Low power / low frequency K band detection

Ticket Free, Guaranteed.

How good are our detectors?
 We'll pay your radar ticket if you get one.  

Choose Your Freedom

Are you a control freak?  Or more of a "set it and forget" person?  Either way, we've got you covered.

Radenso XP

The quietest radar detector in the world. Excellent range, with best-in-class false filtering.  Easy to use - the "everyman detector."

Radenso Pro M

The enthusiast's choice, with the longest range of any dash mount radar detector in the world combined with our amazing false alert filtering.

noPhoto Speed and Red Light Camera Jammer

Never get a red light or speed camera ticket again.