A Radar Detector For Everyone

Do you want a detector with incredible performance and the best false-alert filtering in the world? The Radenso Pro M is a great choice. If you are looking for excellent performance at an unbeatable price, the Radenso SP stands out as a clear winner. Or maybe you want to split the difference and get a fantastic all-around radar detector with advanced features like GPS and great false alert filtering – the Radenso XP will serve you well.

Radenso Radar Detector Comparison Chart

And remember – regardless of your choice, we have your back with our Radar Ticket Free Guarantee and the best support in the business. We encourage you to call us (1-888-723-3676) if you have any questions on what radar detector to purchase.

Radar Detector Features

When it comes to choosing the right radar detector, knowing what features you feel are the most important will help you make the best decision on your purchase. We will be covering some of the most common radar detector features below.

Radar Detection Range

Everyone loves long detection range on their radar detector. This provides more time to slow down before getting your speed clocked by law enforcement. Radenso radar detectors offer extreme or long range (depending on the model) so you can enjoy driving the way you want.

False Alert Filtering

One of the most overlooked features in a radar detector is the ability to filter out false alerts. False alerts can stem from stationary speed signs, motion activated doors, blind spot monitoring systems, collision detection systems, and more. Better radar detectors know how to accurately filter out these alerts so that your detector only goes off when it is something you should be alerted on.

GPS Radar Detectors

In order for your detector to remember the location of a stationary false alert, you will need a GPS enabled radar detector. When you drive by your local supermarket, chances are your detector will go off due to the motion activated doors. You can program your detector through a GPS lockout to remember not to alert you everytime you drive by. This can be particularly helpful with stationary speed signs and motion activated doors. GPS featured radar detectors also will notify you on redlight and speed cameras, and you can stay up-to-date with our free firmware updates. GPS enabled detectors also have a great feature called low speed GPS auto muting. This allows you to designate a speed that you must be traveling faster than for your detector to alert you. This helps minimize alerts when you are driving under the speed limit.