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Enthusiast founded and owned, Radenso Radar exists for one reason: to help you be successful at what you do. Think of the install that you’re most proud of – did you compromise, or did you strive to deliver the best work that you possibly could? That’s what we thought; you didn’t compromise. You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the products you use either. You deserve the best performing products on the market, combined with the best service you have ever experienced. And most of all, you deserve to believe in the company that you do business with. Why? Because we deeply believe in you.

That's why we exist.


For the first time, you can get the best radar and laser performance in the same integrated package. If a customer demands the best, no longer do you have to install an Escort radar and AL Priority laser system separately – with two power buttons, two mute buttons, etc. There is no question that AL Priority is the highest-performing laser jammer in the world, so we had our engineers talk and integrated AL Priority laser jammers with the Radenso RC M radar detector.

The longest range radar/laser detector in the worldThe best radar/laser detector in the world at filtering out false alertsThe only radar/laser detector that can filter out Blind Spot Monitor false alerts from Honda and AcuraThe only radar/laser system that can jam the popular DragonEye LIDAR gunThe only radar/laser system that uses AL Priority laser jammers completely integrated with the radar portionThe radar/laser system with the best factory warranty and ticket free guarantee

Seeing a pattern there? We built the best because we want to use the best.

Radenso RC M Radar Detector display


The core of every company is its people, and our unique personal experiences as both customers and manufacturers allow us to see things from both sides. We work hard every day to improve ourselves and live by the motto “always learning.” Building relationships with our dealers and customers is extremely rewarding for us, and doing business with them feels like talking with friends. So, join the movement – the grass really is greener on the other side!

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