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Best Laser Jammer in 2019

Every year an independent tester (Vortex Radar) does a laser jammer test and this year we wanted to show the results to everyone. The laser jammers included were AL Priority, Stinger Fiber, TMG Alpha 15, Escort ShifterMax, K40 Defuser Optix. The results are below but first, we go in-depth explaining how to read the results.

Reading the Results

The entire test course was 1200 feet long

Reading the Results of a Laser Jammer

As shown below the test vehicle was targeted continuously with each laser gun starting at 1,200 feet away. Example below: Escort ShifterMax was effective until 732 feet away at which point a speed reading was shown on the laser gun

Reading the Results of a Laser Jammer

The best result for a laser jammer is a "Jam to Gun" (abbreviated as JTG). This means there was absolutely no speed reading obtained from the vehicle driving down the entire test course. "NO ALERT" is the worst result a laser jammer can get. This means the laser jammer had no reaction whatsoever to the laser gun.

Reading the Results of a Laser Jammer

2019 Test Results

Reading the Results of a Laser Jammer

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