We Heard You

The result of traveling to shops over the last 12 months and listening to feedback, the Radenso Platinum Dealer program and Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition (exclusively available to Platinum Dealers) take away the pain points of selling radar and laser protection.

Don’t have a laser table to make templates and serial number cards? We’ve got you covered. Blowing through Tesa tape faster than you can believe? We know how it is – we’ll just include it for you.

Our Platinum Dealers (only available in the US) are the best of the best – not every shop will qualify. Limited to just a couple of shops in each major metro area, these are artists that know their customers will return time after time because they are the among the best in the world at what they do. What we heard from talking to you was that you were tired of compromising when it came to the products you installed – you did world-class work, but where were the world-class products and support?

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Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition

The Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition fills that gap.

The Best Product. Period. Described by Vortex Radar as, “The best futureproof remote radar detector…best false alert filtering,” the Radenso RC M combines the best range on the market with unmatched false alert filtering. It’s the only remote-mount detector with MRCD support, and the only one that can filter out Hondas and Acuras. Not to mention, the seamless integration with AntiLaser Priority laser jammers (included) makes the Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition the “Most popular and best performing laser jammer on the market.” (Vortex Radar).

The Best Warranty and Guarantee:

5 year warranty with a 5 year ticket-free guarantee. And unlike some companies, we won’t ever try to take business from your shop by restricting our guarantee to detectors purchased directly from our website.

The Best Support:

We will always pick up the phone when you call, and we will always take care of you. Don’t take our word for it – call up our Platinum Dealers and ask how their experience has been.

A Concierge Experience for the Customer

We want your customer to feel special. Included in every RC M Ultimate kit is a $50 Adams Polish gift certificate, a Radenso Snapback hat, and a laser-etched serial number card that you can hand to your customer as the final touch. People can buy a radar detector anywhere, but they can only get this unique experience from you.

The Best Experience for the Installer

We are installers ourselves, so we designed this kit to make your life easier. Tired of making MDF templates when cutting holes for displays? We were too – so we laser-cut a precise acrylic template and included it for you. Also included are extra RJ45 and RJ11 ends, and we don’t void your warranty if you cut and crimp wires. Two rolls of Tesa tape (one exterior and one interior) are included with each kit since we know how much you go through each day, and we include the Antilaser Priority Rear Extension cables for free with every order. Time is money, and we want you to save both.

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