Radenso DS1 macOS / Apple Update Instructions

Update Tool: v1.02
Firmware: v1.16 released 11/22/2023
Camera Database 03/06/2024

Updater Program & Drivers (compressed folder): Download
- If this is the first time you’re updating your DS1, download this file along with the firmware file below.

Current Firmware File (.bin file): Download
- If you’ve already installed the driver and update program, this is the only file needed to download.

Ensure your Radenso DS1 is unplugged from the computer. Download both files from the download links above.

Double-click on "USB Driver.dmg" to launch the USB driver installation program. Then double-click on the CP210x installer.
If your machine has a M1 chip, please run "SiLabsUSBDriverDisk-M1.dmg" to launch the USB driver installation program.

Click Continue. Accept the EULA. Enter your user name and password to allow installation.

Another prompt will appear - enter your user name and password again.

Your computer will warn you that a system extension is blocked; click on "Open Security Preferences"

A new window will open that contains your computer's Security and Privacy Settings. Click on the lock in the bottom left hand corner of the window and enter your username and password again.