More About Radenso RC M Display Pod

  • The Radenso RC M Display Pod is a universal, yet custom created mounting solution for your Radenso RC M controller. The RC M Display Pod is 3D Resin printed, hand sanded, primed, painted and finished. Ready for you to install and enjoy!Some modern vehicles are creating troubles for mounting locations on the dash area. Some users prefer to have a solution that requires no drilling in the vehicles interior. This solution tucks the RCM Controller high against your vehicles headliner area.

    What’s in the Box


    • RC M Display Pod
    • Mounting 3M VHB tape (pre cut and installed)
    • Alcohol Wipes to Clean Mounting Surface
    • Installation Hardware for Controller 


    Disclaimer: This solution is not perfect for every vehicle, vehicles with a very flat vertical windshield may cause issues with visually seeing the display when mounted. We recommend you contact our support team with any questions you may have before purchasing.