Radenso RC M

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The Ultimate Radar Detector and Laser Defense in One Display

Your days of compromise are over. We have packaged the highest-performing radar detector in the world, that can integrate with the most advanced laser defense in the world, all in one discreet display. No other ticket prevention system on the planet offers a remote, concealed radar detector, that integrates seamlessly with the AL Priority laser defense system, and provides a 1-year ticket free guarantee (2 years when purchased and installed by an authorized Radenso dealer).

cool display

RC M and AL Priority in one display.

cool display

Removable magnetic OLED display

cool display

High speed CPU for incredible performance and false alert filtering.

Complete AL Priority Laser Defense Integration

What good is having the best radar detector in the world, if you don’t have laser protection? We solved that by making the RC M ready to integrate with the best laser jammer in the world, the AL Priority, all in one discreet and compact display.

- Laser alerts with front and rear arrows on RC M display.

- Ability to have Radar and Laser defenses stay enabled or disabled when removing the RC M display.

- Change laser defense time directly on RC M display.

- Enable or disable AL Priority parking sensor from RC M display.

- When updating your AL Priority firmware through USB, the update progress appears on the RC M display.

Directional Arrows

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what direction an alert is coming from? The RC M offers complete 360 degree radar protection. Front and rear arrows on the display inform you where the threat is being detected for radar and laser alerts. Knowing where a threat is coming from is just one more tool to aid in ticket prevention.

Less False Alerts

No one likes a radar detector that goes off without a real threat to being caught speeding. The Radenso RC M has multiple features that help provide you with less false alerts when driving. The GPS lockout feature helps minimize alerts for areas that go off repeatedly, such as when you drive past a supermarket or drug store with automatic doors, or stationary speed signs that display your speed. It also provides low speed GPS auto-muting so you don’t have to be alerted when you aren’t going above the speed limit. There is also technology to filter out false alerts from blind spot monitors and traffic sensors. All of these features offer you a quieter drive, and makes the alerts you do get more important.

Radenso RC M Features

• Extreme Radar Detection Range
• Front and Rear Arrows
• Full Laser Defense (Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit required)
• Removable Magnetic OLED display
• All radar and laser alerts on a single display
• Waterproof antenna
• GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
• Red Light & Speed Camera alerts
• Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
• Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering
• Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) false filter for traffic sensors
• Voice alerts with 260 different messages
• Updatable firmware and camera database with free lifetime updates
• Stealth to radar detector detectors (VG2 / Spectre Elite) (10+ feet)
• Display Modes: Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (small dot scrolls across the display until an alert), Dark (display is dark until an alert)
• 2 year manufacturer warranty
• 1 year radar ticket free guarantee (2 years when purchased and installed by an authorized Radenso dealer)
• 2 year laser ticket free guarantee (Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit required)
• US telephone and email support

Radenso RC M Radar Detector


• Selectable Radar Bands (X, K, Ka, MRCD, MRCT, Gatso)
• White OLED Display
• Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) equipped antenna
• Low power K band detection
• Selectable Ka POP radar band
• Multiple Threat Display (up to 3 signals)
• Three modes (AutoCity, Highway, City modes)
• USB port for firmware and database updates

• RC M OLED Display dimensions with magnetic base (inches): Length 2.5, Width 1.25, 5/8 Depth
• RC M OLED Display dimensions without magnetic base (inches): Length 2.5, Width 1.25, 1/4 Depth
• RC M Antenna Dimensions (inches): Length 4.25, Width 3 7/8, Height 1 5/8

What's in the box?

1x - Radenso RC M CPU
1x - Radenso RC M Concealed Display and control module
1x - Radenso RC M GPS Antenna (10 foot waterproof cable)
2x - Radenso RC M Radar Antennas (6 foot waterproof antenna)
1x - Radenso RC M power cable
2x - Radar antenna mounting brackets with stainless hardware
1x - Radenso RC M External Speaker (not required to be used)
1x - Magnetic L bracket for display mounting
1x - Micro USB cable
1x - USB extension cable
1x - USB thumb drive

Radenso RC M Radar Detector


Q: Which driving mode do you recommend to use?
A: Auto City mode is what we highly recommend. This will be the best blend of performance and silence for most use cases.

Q: For the USA, what filtering settings do you recommend?
A: K narrow, TS Reject High, KA Wide, KA filter High, MRCD Off (unless in a select few areas that have MRCD), MRCT Off, Gatso Off, all filters high.

Q: Does the entire unit power off when the display is removed?
A: Yes! However you can change it to stay on in the settings menu.

RC M - Support

Instruction Manual
Update Firmware
• Product Registration (firmware update notifications)

Radenso Radar highly recommends choosing a Radenso Authorized Dealer for the installation of the Radenso RC M on your vehicle. Please visit our dealer list to find a dealer near you!

See the Radenso RC M in Action

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