Radenso RC M

Radenso RC M

Radenso RC M


GPS lockout

Extreme range

camera database

Voice alerts

Ticket Free Guarantee

Technical specifications

The ultimate radar and laser defense in one display.

Your days of compromise are over. The highest-performing radar detector in the world, integrated with the most advanced laser defense available. All in one display.

Magnetic display detaches from base for complete concealment. 

Radenso RC M Display

High speed CPU for incredible performance and false alert filtering.

Radenso RC M CPU

Optional Radenso RC M Rear Antenna provides 360 degree radar alerts with directional arrows.

Optional Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit integration delivers the only solution to all laser guns including Dragoneye.

Speed & Red Light Camera Alerts
GPS Lockouts for False Alerts 

Lifetime free firmware updates
Lifetime free camera database updates
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Ticket Free Guarantee

Items Included:
Radenso RC M CPU
Radenso RC M Concealed Display
Radenso RC M Front Radar Antenna
Radenso RC M GPS Antenna
Radenso RC M External Speaker
Radenso RC M USB update cable
Installation Hardware

Radenso RC M add-ons:
Radenso RC M Rear Antenna
Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit

Radenso Radar highly recommends choosing a Radenso Authorized Dealer for the installation of the Radenso RC M on your vehicle. Please visit our dealer list to find a dealer near you!

Radenso RC M Manual: