Radenso Theia

Coming 2020.

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We were tired of the answer to "what's the best radar detector?" being "it depends." Range, filtering, build quality, technology, design - there is no reason we couldn't have it all. Theia is a statement of our belief in American innovation and our rejection of compromise. Named after the Titan goddess of sight, Theia will change radar detection as we know it.

As of November 2020 the current release date and pre-order date for Theia is still not set as Theia is still in development but will be in 2020. Please sign up for the e-mail list above to be notified when pre-orders begin!

Radenso Theia Escort Redline 360c Uniden R7 Valentine 1 Gen 2

Radenso Theia FAQ:

Q: When is Theia going to be released?
A: As of November 2020 the release date is still sometime this year. Theia is still under development so even we don't have a exact date or time frame yet. If you would like to be the first to know about more Theia news and when we will be accepting pre-orders, use the form at the top of the page to sign up!

Q: How much money will the Radenso Theia cost?
A: Since we are still developing Theia hardware we don't know the price at this time. If you sign up for the mailing list above, you will be the first to know!

Q: What is the difference between Radenso Theia and Rai?
A: Radenso Theia is the next windshield police radar detector coming from Radenso. Rai (Radenso AI) is the artificial intelligence software platform that will be used in the Radenso Theia.

Q: What hardware can you tell us Theia will have?
A: 1.5 GHz quad core processor, Spartan 7 FPGA, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB flash storage, GPS 10hz chip, dual horn radar antenna to provide arrows, OLED display, headphone jack, bluetooth, wifi, USB-C connection, metal case

Q: Will I be able to use a RJ11 jack with Theia?
A: Unfortunately no, to power Theia a USB-C connection is required. RJ11 is a old outdated cable and cannot handle the power that Radenso Theia will need. A RJ11 adapter will not be possible because of this.

Q: Will Radenso Theia be immune to radar detector detectors such as Spectre Elite?
A: Since Radenso Theia hardware is still in development we are not 100% certain yet but of course that is what we want.

Q: Will Radenso release a hidden / remote radar detector with the Rai platform?
A: Absolutely but it will be awhile since we first we need to develop and release Radenso Theia (windshield detector).

Q: Will Radenso Theia running a operating system?
A: Yes! Radenso Theia will be running a Linux OS and we will have a open API for developers. We will have more information for developers later.

Q: Will Radenso Theia detect laser? What about ALP integration?
A: Yes, Radenso Theia will detect laser. We would love to have ALP integration, that is still something we are working on.

Q: What range will Radenso Theia have?
A: We believe it will have the highest range of any windshield and hidden/remote radar detector on the market but we can't provide exact data yet as Theia is still in development. We will be providing videos of internal test results before Theia is available to pre-order on our social media channels.

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