A must know rule for testing radar detectors!

A must know rule for testing radar detectors!

One rule all radar detector enthusiasts mention is that you cannot use multiple radar detectors next to each other but nobody has been able to explain the exact reasons why. Today, Jon and Mindi go...
What is a SDR?

What is a SDR?

Jon discusses what is a software defined radio (SDR) and why it matters for the Radenso Theia.
Radenso Radar University Plastic Metal Tint Radar Detector

Radar detectors behind carbon fiber, plastic and metal - TESTED!

Many people have always wondered about mounting hidden/remote radar antennas and how sensitivity might change. Today Jon shows you carbon fiber, plastic and metal being tested!
Why did my radar detector not alert?

Ever Wonder Why Your Radar Detector Didn't Go Off?

When you purchase a radar detector, it makes sense that you would expect it to go off when you drive by a police officer! After all, that’s why you bought it – to be warned...
What is MultaRadar? MRCD MRCT

What is MRCD or MultaRadar CD?

Speed enforcement radar has remained the same in the United States for a very long time. X, K, and KA band have been around for decades with few significant changes and little reason for police...
What are radar bands?

What are the differences between Ka, K, and X bands?

So, you bought a radar detector – great! You’ve taken the first step towards more driving enjoyment and freedom. You’ve been driving with it for a while now, and maybe it’s even saved you a...
What are false alerts on a radar detector?

What are false alerts on a radar detector?

When purchasing a radar detector for the first time, many people are happy to discover that their detector can pick up police officers that are shooting radar from several miles away. Unfortunately, that excitement is...
What is a radar detector?

What is a Radar Detector?

Do you enjoy driving? Do you hate getting unfair speeding tickets? If so, a radar detector is a device that can maximize your enjoyment of your car while increasing your awareness when you drive! The...