Radenso XP Firmware Update

How can I find out which firmware version my Radenso XP has?
You can discover your firmware version using two easy methods:

Menu settings:
When you access the menu, press Vol- to go back in the menu until it displays "FW VER :" That is the version currently installed on your XP.

Radenso XP Firmware Update program:
You can also connect the Radenso XP to your PC and use the Radenso XP Firmware Update Tool to display the firmware version.


Radenso XP update instructions:

1) Download the latest version of the XP Firmware Update Tool program and the XP Firmware Update file with the two download links below.

Radenso XP Firmware Update Tool (Windows only): Download Link
Latest Version: v1.12 released 3/14/18

Radenso XP Firmware Update File (includes Red Light & speed camera database): Download Link
Latest Version: v1.35 released 3/20/19
Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 8/5/19

2) Open the Radenso Firmware Update Tool program.

3) Connect your Radenso XP to your PC using the Mini-USB to USB cable. It should immediately detect your Radenso XP.

If you are having issues with your XP being recognized by Windows please install the driver below and restart your PC then go back to step 2.

Windows 7/8/10 Driver - Link
Windows XP Driver - Link

4) Under "Download File" click "Open" and select the Firmware file you downloaded from Step 1.

5) Click "Begin Firmware Update" and you will see your Radenso XP being updated. Wait for the confirmation before unplugging your Radenso XP.

6) Once the confirmation appears, your Radenso XP has been updated and you may disconnect it from your PC.