NEW CHANGE: As of 2/13/18 the Radenso XP no longer requires two different programs and two different update files to update the firmware and voice files. Simply download one firmware file and it will update the firmware, voice alerts and speed/red light camera locations.

Radenso XP Firmware Update Tool (Windows only): Download Link
Latest Version: v1.10 released 2/13/18

Radenso XP Firmware Update File: Download Link
Latest Version: 1.31 released 2/13/18

Radenso XP update instructions:

1) Download the latest version of XP firmware and the XP firmware update tool with the two download links above.

2) Open the Radenso Firmware Update Tool program.

3) Connect your Radenso XP to your PC using the Mini-USB to USB cable.

4) Under "Download File" click "Open" and select the Firmware file you downloaded from Step 1.

5) Click "Start Download" and you will see your Radenso XP being updated. Wait for the confirmation before unplugging your Radenso XP.

6) Once the confirmation appears, your Radenso XP has been updated and you may disconnect it from your PC.